You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.

We’re in the process of rebranding two companies. One we can’t reveal just yet. The other is our sister company, a food brokerage called Amalgamated. We know what you’re thinking…Amalgamated??? While we feel you, we don’t get to shake the name (it’s a family legacy) so we’re tasked with making it feel as fresh and on-trend as the company’s culture. In our industry, we refer to this process as a partial rebrand. Because the name is staying, we’re not overhauling a total identity. We’re just making the brand’s look and it’s messaging relevant for today and for future growth.

Rebranding in general can be tricky. It’s got to be done for the right reasons, well executed and strategically rolled out, or it can backfire. You shouldn’t rebrand due to boredom or slipping sales––a new, well-targeted marketing strategy and communications campaign can help with that. You rebrand to reflect your evolving company and, most importantly, to match the evolution of your target audience.

Back to Amalgamated. The company’s old logo worked well for them throughout the years. It was clean, simple and possessed a color scheme that was considered bold for the industry at the time. Fast forward thirteen years, however, and it now feels dated, a bit elementary and not as aligned with a company that remains forward-thinking, gutsy and youthful. So we got to work on a crafting a new identity package for the brokerage.

There were two things we knew we wanted from the get-go. We needed to (1) lose the spoon (no need to visually say food when the word food brokerage lived right next to it) and (2) we wanted to create a logo and a mark that functioned independently of one another. Additionally, we chose to free Amalgamated from the constraint of a two-color color palette and give it more freedom by providing a flexible palette that is both bold and familiar at the same time. The result was a logo and mark this is playful, gutsy, clever, innovative, humble and yet strong. Much like the brokerage itself.

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