Visionary. Fantastic word, isn’t it? Look it up and you’ll read this:


1. having or showing clear ideas about what should happen or be done in the future

2. having or showing a powerful imagination

3. of or relating to something that is seen or imagined in a dream or vision (sense 3)

Merriam-Webster Definition verbatim:

We fancy ourselves branding visionaries at Fuse. We know that title carries a heavy weight, particularly when you consider the company we’d keep in the visionary genre: Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk. All visionaries. JFK, Ronald Reagan. Both visionaries, but hey, let’s not get political. Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, that little group of dudes that started Napster and turned the music industry upside down. Visionaries. Henry Ford. Old School? Yes. Big time visionary? Absolutely.

A visionary thinks about the future of a business, community, the world in a creative and imaginative way. He or she is ahead of their time, with extraordinarily powerful ideas and an equally powerful plan to back them up. While most shy away from change, visionaries embrace it and lead the charge with a “bring it on, let’s do this thing” kind of attitude.

The words above are all attributes of visionaries.

As is the practice of branding. To become a visionary you must learn to swim up stream, against the current, think and do differently, break away from the norm and enjoy the heck out of it when even your closest confidants become naysayers, poo-pooers and look at you like you’re nuts. When you become the recipient of any of these actions you’ll know you’re onto something.

So go forth our visionary friends and push forward even if no-one is listening.

We will.

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