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Old County Inn is a wood-fired pizza restaurant in Pine, Arizona, a small Rim-Country community nestled amongst the Ponderosa Pines, two hours from the hustle of metro Phoenix. The restaurant faced a unique challenge in that it had to cater to two very diverse and equally valuable audiences: long-time country folk and visiting metropolitans. They needed to do this in every aspect of their business from the food they put on the table to their brand messaging. Wood-fired pizza was the food that the did the job. It is familiar and approachable, even when made in an artisan style with from-scratch ingredients and toppings. We needed to do the same with the brand design and execution. The mark is both rustic and modern. With a large Elk population, antlers can be found in the woods surrounding Pine as well as on the properties of local residents. The hops represent the restaurant’s local craft beef selection and a nod to a very modern-day dining trend. The O is an extraction of the Old County Inn logotype. Old County’s tagline, Woodfired Pizza + Watering Hole, is straight forward and playful at the same time. In Pine, woodfired pizza is a modern concept, but a water hole makes the concept familiar and approachable. Additionally, Fuse was called on create the restaurant’s the brand experience—the interior design. Drawing from the brand attributes, the restaurant is a pleasing balance of rustic and approachable, modern and on-trend. What’s more, decor was sourced as locally as possible, with rustic wood from a nearby abandoned barn, tables made from the property’s old fence, tap handles crafted from old school utensils and artwork purchased from a neighboring antique shop.