Because we love supporting local businesses, a startup coffee shop looking for social media photos in old town Peoria was right up our alley. The Driftwood Coffee Co. team was great to work with. They are so easy-going and they eagerly made coffee after coffee for the photos and gave us the creative freedom to develop the look and feel of their online content.

We focused a lot of attention on the coffee, of course, but also captured some great shots of the interior and exterior space including lifestyle shots and merchandise. The Driftwood staff have deep roots in the community and the business is already popular (even before their grand opening this weekend).We can’t wait to be the first ones in line to grab our delicious cup of joe!


VISIONARIES Visionary. Fantastic word, isn’t it? Look it up and you’ll read this: VISIONARY 1. having or showing clear ideas about what should happen or be done in the future 2. having or showing a powerful imagination 3. of or relating to something that is seen or...

Brand Discovery

BRAND DISCOVERY Mama always taught us not to give away the milk if we ultimately want you to purchase the cow, but here's the thing (sorry mama): You already have a brand. You just may not know how to define it yet or how to put it into words, images, design elements,...

Teasing with Textures

Teasing with Textures Our newest restaurant client, Pinewood Tavern, is a couple of weeks from opening their doors and we’re launching their social media campaign. If you’ve ever opened a restaurant, you know that renovations can sometimes last...