Mama always taught us not to give away the milk if we ultimately want you to purchase the cow, but here’s the thing (sorry mama): You already have a brand. You just may not know how to define it yet or how to put it into words, images, design elements, content and out into the universe for people to use, purchase, embrace and enjoy.

Say whaa?

If you have a business or product, you already have a brand! Brand Discovery is the act of uncovering and defining it.

Each creative entity has a process. Ours involves a little prodding and poking about, the asking of many a simple (and yet challenging) question, time spent staring into space and a few sleepless nights, all in an effort to find that one thing that sets you apart from the rest.

Branding expert Marty Neumeier (one of our favs) refers to this as your Zag. When everyone in the market is zigging, how do you zag?

Bud Robbins, writer of the beloved Looking for the Capo D’Astro Bar came to label this point of differentiation as just that: Your Capo D’Astro Bar.

We’re not as fancy at Fuse. So we just refer to it lovingly as the one thing that makes you “Radically Different”.

So once we’ve discovered That One Thing, what do we do with it?

Good question. It turns out that your brand is intangible. Contrary to popular belief a brand isn’t a logo or a mark (see figure-1: Anatomy of a logo) or a snazzy well-named font. Your brand, rather, is what your customers say, think, feel and believe about your company, product or service. It is their overall takeaway from every interaction they have with your marketing, communication and messaging.

Our job (through Brand Discovery) is to guide and nurture those notions, to make sure your messaging is undeniably authentic and then influence it through relevant Brand Design and Brand Execution that is bursting with guts and substance.

Most any creative can create a pretty logo.

But pulling together a nifty font and a few cool colors will only get you so far as it lacks substance. Today’s consumers are insanely savvy. They have more options than ever before and demand more from a company or product than a few fancy graphics. They want an experience, immersion, a sense of belonging, a subscription to a tribe. Does your logo provide that?

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