+ A Branding Company Created for Food People by Food People.


We specialize in branding food and beverage companies, people, restaurants and products and have the good fortune of working with some of the most deeply-talented individuals who thrive within this industry’s folds. Getting to know who you are and what makes you different is the best part of our day. It inspires and compels us to coax out your company’s most genuine voice—the voice that ultimately becomes your brand.

We are as passionate about our craft as you are yours. Let us tell your story, for the love of your craft.

Branding + Positioning  |  Name + Tagline Development  |  Brand Book  |  Communications Strategy

A Brand is a Person’s Gut Feeling about your Service or Company.

We work to influence these gut feelings by creating undeniably-authentic brand positioning and brand strategy that is true to only you and your company. Though intangible at times, our Brand Discovery services result in a concrete yet inspiring notion of who you are today and who you want to be five years from now. It allows you to wholeheartedly understand what makes you different from all others who share your market space.

Logo + Mark Design  |  Brand ID Collateral  |  Website Design + Development  |  Packaging Design  |  Environment Design

Social Media Campaigns  |  Content Creation + Management  | Email Marketing  |
Blog Development + Management  |  Recipe Development  |
Product Photography  |  Video Production